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Real Drift Car Racing Mod Apk (Unlimited Money / Free Purchase)

Real Drift Racing is a mobile racing game that allows players to feel the thrill of drift racing. The objective of the game is to obtain the greatest score by drifting through turns and gaining points for speed and style. The game has realistic physics and controls, a lot of vehicles and courses to choose from, and different game modes to keep players interested.

Information of Real Drift Car Racing Mod Apk

App NameReal Drift Car Racing
PublisherReal Games srls
Latest Version5.0.8
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money / Free Purchase
Get it OnPlay Store
UpdatedMar 26, 2021


Real Drift Car Racing is a mobile racing game that allows players to feel the thrill of drift racing. The game’s mod APK version is a customized version of the original game with increased features or enhanced playability. It is not uncommon for Real Drift Car Racing Mod APKs to provide unlimited money, unlocked cars and tracks, improved visuals, and other improvements.

It is crucial to remember that the official game developers do not encourage or support the use of mod APKs, and their use might be harmful, as some mods may contain malicious code or damage your device. Before downloading and installing any mod, it is recommended to investigate its origin and reputation to guarantee that it is trustworthy.


1. User-friendly controls and gameplay

Android players in Real Drift Car Racing will have a great time playing through the game’s thrilling drifting and racing experiences with the game’s straightforward controls. In addition, a large training track and numerous tutorials make it simple to familiarize yourself with the action and hone your racing talents. Learn everything you need to know about racing through simulations of authentic vehicles.

real drift car racing apk full version

2. A selection of different racing automobiles

Being a racing game, it would be frustrating if the player was not given access to a variety of vehicles.  With Real Drift Car Racing, you’ll have access to more than 12 incredible vehicles, each with its fantastic features. Whenever you’re ready, you can find yourself driving on spectacular tracks within your incredible vehicles.

3. Share your game’s best moments with friends

Real Drift Car Racing includes a useful photo function that enables you to take high-quality screenshots of your game’s most epic moments whenever you like if you wish to preserve your most unforgettable moments. You are free to show them off to your friends and post them online if you so desire. 

4. Challenge your friends and other players from all over the world

In addition to the fun offline action, Android players can now challenge their friends and other online players to epic racing competitions via the leaderboards. You can compete with your friends or other players online or in your local area to see who has the highest score in each level.

The game will precisely compute your points for each race based on your drifting and driving speed, as well as your methods and finishing timings.

5. Explore the endless customization options

Those who appreciate modifying and customizing their vehicles will also be pleased with the game’s options. Consequently, Real Drift Car Racing offers players several tuning and customization possibilities.

real drift car racing mod apk Racing Apk

From fine-tuning the engine, altering the handling, and adjusting the camber angle to purchasing new paint and graphics, and even altering the design of your car’s wheels and tires, Feel free to personalize your vehicles to suit your tastes and experiment with the tuning options to maximize their performance.

6. Race and drift in thrilling, demanding tasks

In addition to the traditional career races, you may also choose from a selection of races with varying degrees of difficulty. As a result, all you have to do is select Quick Race, select your maps, change the game’s rules, and dive into the thrilling racing experiences whenever you’re ready.

In addition to racing, the game contains a unique drifting mode not found in any other game on the Google Play Store. No matter what your interests are, you will enjoy the game to the fullest because of the fun drift challenges.

MOD FEATURES Of Real Drift Car Racing Full Version

1. Unlimited Cars

Coins are used to swap products for automobiles and drivers in the shop. However, gathering them is a lengthy task. You barely receive five coins in a race. And the price exceeds 1,000 coins. To save you time, this mod provides you with a limitless number of coins. You can purchase everything within a few seconds. 

2. Unlimited Cash

If you have an infinite amount of cash, you can purchase tuning parts for all types of automobiles to maximize their power performance. By utilizing the devices, you can improve your automobiles to a higher level and use them in any race.

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3. All Tracks Must Be Unlocked

All vehicles, coins, and tracks are locked at the start. Accessing the shop’s 150+ items will take time. Therefore, you cannot immediately enjoy your favorite cars, tracks, or circuits when the actual game begins. In contrast, everything is unlocked in this mod, allowing you to play.


  1. To get started with Real Drift Car Racing, download the hacked Android application from this site.
  2. Open a file manager and locate the download.
  3. Select the downloaded APK.
  4. It will prompt you to enable the “Install from an unknown source” option by displaying a popup with cancel and setting buttons. Tap the settings button to activate it. Then return.
  5. Now tap the APK again.
  6. Then, to begin the installation, tap the install button.
  7. The software will be successfully installed on your smartphone after a few seconds.
  8. Simply launch the Real Drift Car Racing MOD APK and take advantage of its features.
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Wrapping Up!

Real Drift Racing Mod APK is, in conclusion, a customized version of the popular mobile racing game that offers additional features and enhanced gameplay.

With this modification, players can enjoy new cars, tracks, and game modes, as well as unlimited money, enhanced graphics, and other improvements. Even though the official game makers don’t recommend using modded APKs and it can be dangerous to do so, users may choose to download the Real Drift Racing Mod APK for its extra features and additions.

Before you download and install a mod, you should look into where it came from and what people think about it to make sure it is safe and reliable.

Real Drift Car Racing V5.0.8 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money / Free Purchase) Download

Faqs About Real Drift Car Racing Mod Apk!

Real Drift Racing Mod APK is realistic owing to its emphasis on physics and handling, realistic graphics, diversity of real cars and tracks, realistic sound effects, and difficult gameplay. These aspects provide players with an authentic racing experience.

You need a 2GB or larger Android device with an upgraded graphics card. It is compatible with older devices but may perform better on newer ones.

Yes, Real Drift Racing Mod APK is normally free to download. Before downloading and installing a mod, it is best to investigate its origin and reputation to assure its safety and dependability.

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